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Concealed Carry on Campus Reaffirmed in Oregon

concealed carryThe Oregon University system has been disappointed this week by the decision of the Oregon Court of Appeals. Up until recently the Universities have been banning weapons on campus even when in the possession of concealed carry permit holders. This week the Oregon Court of Appeals declared that the ban exceeds the authority of the school and is invalid.

No law was changed or altered by the decision of the court. What changed is that the Universities now better understand what is within their control and what is not. Students and faculty can now carry concealed without any fear of harassment. From what I can gather from the news stories this is just the middle of the war. Universities are still looking for a way to ban firearms on campus and will either appeal this recent decision or seek out other methods or legislation that will allow them to ban firearms as they always have meant to.

This reminds me of the endless University of Utah debate here in our own state. They have been trying to keep guns off campus for as long as I can remember. As an advocate of Concealed Carry and gun rights its often hard to see both sides of the argument but either way I guess the very best thing that I can do is to personally boycott businesses, retailers, and even schools (when possible) that prohibit my right to carry a concealed weapon. I understand that private property owners have (rightfully so) the right to make their own rules about their property. In the same way I have to right to go somewhere else where I don’t have to feel uncomfortable.

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