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Utah CCW Permit Application Fees Change

On April 1, 2012 FBI fees for fingerprint-based background checks for Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) applicants will change. The current fee is $30.25 per applicant. This fee will be changing to $16.50 per applicant.

Beginning April 1, 2012 the total CFP fee for Utah residents will be $46.25 (29.75 application fee + $16.50 FBI background check fee) and the fee for non-Utah residents will be $51.25 ($29.75 application fee with $5.00 processing fee +$16.50 FBI background check fee). Any applications received at Utah BCI after April 1, 2012 must contain the new fee. Applications with any other fee will be returned to the applicant for the proper payment.

On March, 23rd, 2012 a new application reflecting the changed fees will be on the BCI website ( for instructors and students to download and start using.


The above information was included in a letter sent out to CCW instructors from BCI on February 1st.

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