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Ogden Restaurateurs Open Carry to Support Second Amendment!

Tony & Monica Siebers, owners of Sea Bears Fish House, wear their kilts daily as part of the experience at the Scottish themed-restaurant in Ogden. If you go into their restaurant on any given day you’ll see the two of them,  along with their twin 22-year-old suns, taking orders, busing tables, manning the register, and cooking the food, clad in the black or tartan battle skirts worn traditionally by Scottish warriors. However, this isn’t the only thing eye-catching about their work attire. While working in the restaurant, each of them now carries an openly-displayed firearm on their hip to celebrate their right to bear arms, and raise awareness of the threat to their second amendment rights.

It wasn’t always like this. It all started recently because they, like many in the firearms community,  felt their right to bear arms was under siege. They decided to get their concealed carry permits, fearing they might no longer have the opportunity and as part of exercising those rights. While Monica was waiting for her permit she began wearing her handgun on the outside of her kilt while she was at work. The response from customers was so positive that they all decided to do that, even after they all had obtained their Conceal Carry Permits. “We were surprised at all the comments we had” says Mike. Customers reported that it made them feel more safe, and the owners found that it sparked interesting and positive conversations.  Mike told reporters: “We feel like feel like having a firearm is a blessing and a liberty that we don’t want to lose,” a sentiment which we at USA Firearm Training wholeheartedly echo.


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