David was awesome. He was knowledgeable and passionate. He not only clearly explained the laws, scenarios, and proper ways to conceal carry, but he also went through the history and how it connects with our freedom. I highly recommend for anyone to take this class with David.

Damon was responsible amicable , and above all knowledgeable when teaching this course. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a CC class

Great class, great instructor and great information. I highly recommend this class to anybody who wants to exercise their 2nd Amendment Right in order to protect themselves and their family.

I went into the class with low expectations, not expecting to learn much or anything at all. I was blown away by how much I learned in your class though! You are very knowledgeable and the way you presented it was engaging, memorable and professional. The most valuable parts were learning the legal definitions and how one can legally use their firearm to eliminate a threat. I think taking the class is important for anyone wanting to conceal carry (or even open carry), even if a permit will no longer be required in the state of Utah here in a few months. I’m very grateful I chose your class over the others I looked at. I’ll definitely recommend your class to anyone I hear is interested in taking a Concealed Firearms Permit Course.

Having served in the military for 8 years, I wasn’t sure Dave could really teach me much. Oh how I was wrong! I learned so much from his class and also from his range session. I was very humbled by what he was able to teach me and confident now that I understand my rights, the laws around using my firearm, and confident that I can be accurate and precise.

For anyone looking to improve their handgun skills, Dave is an expert marksman and an amazing teacher. I’ve had two great sessions with him so far. His safety and gun basics session was so clear, I was able to repeat to my spouse pretty much everything he taught me. After that, she didn’t want to miss out, so she went with us to the range. Within an hour I had all my shots clustered in the green and black of the target! His coaching has given me much more confidence in safely and effectively using a handgun. Thanks Dave!

I was a complete firearms novice, until I went through Dave’s class. I had spun my wheels for years, trying to figure out how to jump in. Dave made the process very easy. He makes you feel totally comfortable and answers all questions that come up. I even learned about some of the amazing history around different gun designs and features. To top it all off, Dave took us to a range and walked us through shooting. After about five minutes of one-on-one instruction, my accuracy was dead on. I’d do it all again in a second. Thanks for making the process so easy and fun!

Just took the class through Concealed Carry and loved it! Damon was an EXCELLENT instructor and was very interactive and kept it interesting. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking this course, especially during these strange times. The time and money is well worth the investment! You rock Damon!

Damon is an exceptional instructor with a great sense of humor! Damon is highly educated in firearms and very knowledgeable in different case scenarios. It was comforting leaving his class with NO questions or confusion.

Class flew by as there was so much really good and interesting information. Instructor Damon helped us complete the application process. Well done by Damon!

All around great learning experience. Damon was experienced, positive, upbeat and dedicated in teaching this class. His knowledge topped with timely wit made this day a fun one. He respected our time and entertained our questions by giving thorough answers while never making any class member feel embarrassed. The four hours flew by very quickly.

Mike  was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to he was very good.

Steve Adams was a great instructor very professional and easy to talk to very impressed.

I gotta say; I’m not a professional marksman by any means, but love to shoot a lot and often. I learned a few pointers and great legal information. This class was entertaining, fun, informative and very well put together. I would highly recommend this class and the instructors to anyone looking to conceal carry or even just for great training and information. It doesn’t go into great detail on shooting, but they are great for beginners and incredibly willing to help you learn. I highly recommend them!

It was an awesome class and I learned a lot, but it was also great to review the things I did know, the instructor made the class fun and interesting, this is the only class I would recommend getting a concealed permit from!

Great class learned a lot about thee CCW laws. And what states the Utah CCW is accepted.

I want to thank you for your time, your help and consideration . I also want you to know that your class was superb. Your teaching style was the same . Honestly , when you said …”that’s about it  “…. I was little disappointed… But I thought your material was delivered extremely well, and most important for myself, to the point without the garnish. I will be following up with additional training and hope you will be involved. Thanks ever so much. 

I was a little surprised to find the class was held in Mike Clarke’s home.  But when I entered I could tell I was dealing with a professional.  Mike had everything needed for a great course and all the paperwork.  Mike is an excellent instructor.  He covered all the necessary information about the laws pertaining to CCP and answered all the question everyone had about where to carry, how to carry, when to use a pistol, and the mental attitude to have when choosing to draw your weapon.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

Just finished my class, with Mike as the instructor. He did a great job answering questions, and was very knowledgeable about the topics that were covered. He has a lot of first-hand experience, and used that to illustrate the points he was making. He also gave some great tips, along with resources we can use to learn more. I feel even more confident and informed now than I did before I took the class. Thank you!

Damon gave a great class in the fall of 2015.  I learned a lot about gun cleaning and holsters that I didn’t know – Navy training was decades ago.  He was helpful about my out-of-state status as well.  He promised that Utah would send card in due time.  I got it less than 2 weeks after I mailed the application.

Great instructor! Everything included to get your CCP, Thanks!

Damon is a fantastic instructor. He has a lot of knowledge of CCW law and a great way of relating it to real life scenarios to help students imbed those laws into their personal protection plan.

Had a great experience with my CFP class with Damon. He was very knowledgeable and was willing to answer all of our questions. He also madesure each of us filled out our paperwork exactly right and helped us get everything ready to mail in to the BCI.

The entire class was excellent. Damon Thueson was awesome. He was focused and knowledgeable and very professional. The class was informative and fun at the same time. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to get their permit.

I was concerned about the class either being led by a hillbilly or turning into a four hour military recruitment program. Our instructor turned out to be perfect; a common citizen wanting to provide an upper hand in a self-defense situation. The focus on the class was not about having a gun to be cool or kill, it was about having a tool for an emergency and how to safely use and maintain that tool. The class was incredibly friendly, enjoyable, and was so much fun that it seemed to go by too fast. After taking this course, I wanted to further my training and be prepared, not only to protect myself but also to train myself and become a safe, well educated concealed permit holder. I definitely recommend taking this class.

Brandon made the class! His down to earth personality made it easy to focus all the way through. To the point information. No fluff or opinions added into the curriculum.

He’s knowledgeable and entertaining. I mainly took the course to educate myself about the various laws with respect to CCW.

Great instruction.  On point, on topic, and on time.  All that I thought it would be.

The instructor did a great job explaining how to responsibly carry a concealed weapon. He also did a great job of highlighting how simply carrying a weapon does NOT mean you know how to use it. I feel his advice, that all people receiving concealed weapons permits pursue additional training, is very sound; I intend to pursue additional training myself. I’d rather not be a sheep to be preyed upon.

Class was better than we ever imagined. Brandon was very personable and great at addressing everyone’s questions. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting their CCW.

I grew up in Utah and recall having some actual hunter safety in Utah Wildlife class. This class would have been far better. I think perhaps 70% of this class should be curriculum, even if optional, credits. The class was worth every penny and every minute. The instructor was beyond knowledgeable. The law portion was simply part of his thinking nearly robot style, in a good way. I found the class important enough I intend to convince my sister to go and pay her way. I am seriously considering signing up for the classes offered by Brandon’s Brave Response.

This class was great. Damon is a well of knowledge and a fun teacher.  I will be suggesting anyone is interesting in a CFP to this guy!!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the class that Damon taught, I learned more that day about concealing and Utah law than I have ever learned from my husband who already has his concealed. Pat on the back and a big high five to Damon for keeping all of us awake and involved with the class I highly recommend this class for everyone looking into getting their concealed carry!

The class with Damon was fun and informative!  There were more women at the class than my wife and I expected.  If you’re a woman and debating the class, don’t be concerned that it will be only men!  I would recommend anyone to take this class for your CWP.

Mike did an excellent job of covering lots of material from gun safety to legal and ethical issues. Plus, he crammed in fingerprinting, passport photos, and answers to students’ questions. Clear, down-to-earth, thorough = highly recommended. Thanks again, Mike!

Exceptional, friendly environment, easy to learn, excellent instructors and administrators!  Would take another class from them in a heartbeat.

Damon was an excellent instructor.  He demonstrated mastery of the material, presented it in a logical and thorough manner and responded to all questions effectively.  His sense of humor helped keep the class lively along with his outstanding presentational skills.

Mike did a superb job in carefully explaining the material. He was extremely open and welcoming to questions, using them as the basis to further augment the class discussion of key points. Very knowledgeable with clear explanations … an excellent instructor.

I really enjoyed this class. Brandon made sure we understood what he was teaching before he moved on. He was very informative. And he made the class fun. I’ve heard so many times the class is pure boring torture… It went by fast and I enjoyed the whole 4 hours.

Brandon opened my eyes and the eyes of the people i had in the class, Brandon is more knowledgeable then most officers I know, he is an excellent instructor and was very attentive to everyone in the class, What a great guy… I will definitely recommend him to any friends and family for classes and training… Thank you Brandon

Mike did a great job and used. Lot of “plain talk” to interpret some hard to understand laws. Very informational and helpful

“Pistol” Pete is an excellent instructor. Not only does he make you feel comfortable while learning about gun safety and the law, but, as a bail enforcement officer, he can tell stories that involve real-life application of these rules.

WOW!!! Damon was amazing. He had so much knowledge of guns and the laws. I would recommend him to anyone and will go to him with any questions I have

Pete was awesome! Just what I wanted in a instructor. He was awesome with answering every question and concern all us newbies had! 4 hrs well spent! Thanks Pete!

Damon did a great job instructing us in the concealed carry course. I feel like he really took the time to make sure we knew the material before he moved on. I learned a lot from taking this course from him. He is a great guy.

My husband and I took the class with Damon. What a great time! He was very knowledgeable and friendly. What could have been a very long class did not seem long at all because of Damon’s attitude and teaching skills. He’s very passionate about the course, and it shows through his teaching. I appreciated all the additional information he provided, and I left the class feeling more confident and eager to learn more.

Damon Thueson was truly enthusiastic about guns.  His knowledge and desire to teach others on respecting the use of firearms was impressive and appreciated.   Damon was willing to spend what ever time it took to answer questions.  He wasn’t in a hurry to meet a rigid schedule.

All of my questions were answered as well as much information provided in areas I was totally unfamiliar with.  Damon allowed as much time as we required for answering our questions.  His background, experience and
passion for self defense, weapons, safety and gun law was a great benefit to the learning process in our class.  I believe the intended purpose of the class was well achieved.  I highly recommend Damon as a CCW instructor.

Pete is very knowledgeable in concealed weapons and as a private investigator had some really great live examples to help explain the tougher areas of the laws. He also made it fun and interactive by responding to scenarios the students presented to him. A good public speaker and in general has the ability to make the subject fun while still
making clear the importance of the carrying a concealed weapon. Would have been a very long boring class without a few entertaining stories in between.

I enjoyed Damons method of teaching and keeping the class involved and interested. He has  very good knowledge of the course material and the patientence to answer all questions. Thank you Damon for a good class.