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State Fee Changes for the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit

As of August 1, 2017 the state application fee for the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit increased by $20.

It has been many years since an increase; in fact, I’ve not seen an increase ever in over a decade. During the past few years we’ve seen 4 separate drops in the state fees. When I applied for the Utah CFP, I paid a whopping $65.25 after paying $60 for the required class.

Since that time the required class is now, on average, about $50. With the state fees dropping over the years to $37 for residents and $47 for non-residents, it was pretty great that a person
could obtain their permit completely under $100.

SO… what are the state fees now? Here is the breakdown on the BCI website:


  • Application Fee = $25
  • Utah Background Check = $20
  • FBI Background Check = $12


  • Application Fee = $35
  • Utah Background Check = $20
  • FBI Background Check = $12

The reason for the increase? This is one bi-product of House Bill 124 so; we can chalk it up to Utah legislators making the rounds. One thing is for sure… once the politicians found out that the Utah CFP system was making money they dipped their hands into the honey pots for a taste of sweet satisfaction.

Feel free to read the “legalese” associated with the House Bill 124 and the “constant monitoring” of records against potential criminals in our society today. Don’t forget your dictionary.

Either way, the Utah CFP system is still fantastic. The fees are pretty low compared to other states with not-so- friendly gun laws. The fee hike did seem like a serious jump at first glance, but then again, what is $20 compared to your knowledge of the laws you should know anyway; factor in the purchase of a decent pistol, holster, and ammo the additional $20 is nothing really… I still say Utah has one of the best systems in the country!

Getting exposure to the laws that pertain to your protection is always an excellent idea, but now, you’ll just have to pay a little over $100 to complete the task of obtaining your Utah Concealed Firearms Permit… and that ain’t so bad!

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One Response to State Fee Changes for the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit

  1. AD August 24, 2017 at 7:23 am #

    If the left views votor ID laws as infringment on the right to vote, then I don’t see this fee increase any different. $20 is no big deal for most people, but I would contend that the only moral way to get around this is constitutional carry. Not everyone purchases kimber firearms, and most low income people rely on Hi Points and other entry level firearms for protection. $20 can big a big obstacle for low income people and they are the ones most likely to be vitims of violent crime. Any increase to firearm fees can amount to gun control for the low income. I myself would gladly pay more if that meant lowering the fee to zero for low income people, but why do that when constitutional carry is the only ethical thing to do in my opinion.

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