Dave Kaylor – Profile

Dave Kaylor has over 10 years of experience as an NRA certified instructor in Rifle, Pistol, & Shotgun and as a certified Utah Concealed Firearms Permit instructor.

He’s able to provide unique insights and perspectives as a civilian who’s already been down the road new class attendees intend to travel. As a former gun store owner and range operator he’s an excellent source for advice on choosing and finding the right firearm for the job, so be sure to tap into his encyclopedic firearms mind before the day is done.

And no boring 4 hour lecture here. He’s also a business leadership coach and keynote speaker during the day, so staying engaged is easy. Who says you can’t learn and laugh at the same time!

What Do Dave’s Students Say About His Class?

David was awesome. He was knowledgeable and passionate. He not only clearly explained the laws, scenarios, and proper ways to conceal carry, but he also went through the history and how it connects with our freedom. I highly recommend for anyone to take this class with David.

I was a complete firearms novice, until I went through Dave’s class. I had spun my wheels for years, trying to figure out how to jump in. Dave made the process very easy. He makes you feel totally comfortable and answers all questions that come up. I even learned about some of the amazing history around different gun designs and features. To top it all off, Dave took us to a range and walked us through shooting. After about five minutes of one-on-one instruction, my accuracy was dead on. I’d do it all again in a second. Thanks for making the process so easy and fun!

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