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AR vs AK #3; History and Facts About the AK…

Facts and history of the AK

Automat Kalashnikov ‘47

The AK47 was first designed in the 1940’s with a working prototype made in 1947 (‘47 is the year it was completed) although design work was started 3 years earlier. Mikhail Kalashnikov took some of the German designs from the MP 44 and other rifles, and came up with the AK design.

The design of the AK47 was to be a Machine gun.  Its selector switch goes from safety to full auto, then to semi automatic.  Due to its slightly off center bolt and carrier, and the design of the rifle, and bullet it uses (7.62x39r) it is not a very accurate weapon, nor was it made to be.  It was made for short range engagements where you needed full auto capabilities and knockdown power of the 7.62 slug traveling at high velocity.  Its range is about 200 meters, and has a high rate of fire

AK 47 in the USA.

All of the AK47 that we find here are pieced together from various parts (due to legislation).  Most of these parts are heavily used and don’t match.  It is common to find a receiver stamp that differs from the stamp on the bolt.  It is also common to find a barrel that has been used before and has had stippling machined in, to hold an old used up barrel.  There are even cases where the barrel has no rifling left.  That being said, they are still moderately reliable, which says a lot about the design.  They live on the cheap steel cased ammunition, and can handle it well because of the robust bolt design.

They are cheap and rugged and have many variations; Collapsible stock, wood or polymer furniture, barrel length, etc.  There are over 70 million AK47 of some variant in the world today, and it has become the world’s most prolific rifle.  Because of this, ammunition is plentiful, and plentiful means inexpensive. Since the Obamascare 2008 died down, it has dropped from $300 per 1k to about $190 per 1k.

Bottom line:

AK47 is a decent option for defense weapon.  Whether you use the rifle for fun, tactical training, or for a reliable Teotwawki prep weapon, learn to use it.  Learn to do basic repairs, learn to clear jams.  Learn what the rifle is capable of, and learn what you are capable of when you are employing it.  Take a class, and practice so that nothing surprises you when you need the weapon.

Notice I did not discuss the AR15 at all.  I thought the AK deserved its own entry.  The AR is next!!

Joe Harris

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