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Bad Father Shot Trying to Retrieve His Kids

Recently out of jail, a father is headed back after threatening to kill a man and his wife who took in his children.

According to Police, 43-year-old Raul Rivera of Dickson, North Dakota, dropped off his children at a home in Hurricane, UT, sometime in December 2018.

“Investigators further found that Raul had brought his kids (to) live with (the homeowner) and his family and left them with a handwritten note giving custody of his kids,” court documents state.

Then, Raul was arrested on April 8th for investigation of drug possession, adding to his already long rap sheet which included convictions for manslaughter and domestic violence.

While in jail for the drug charges, Raul immediately began making calls to the family who took in his children.

Search warrant documents report:

“Raul made threatening voice calls from the jail stating that he would get his ‘people’ to come up to Hurricane and kill them. It was also found that there were text messages sent to the (gunman’s) wife or daughter that are threatening in nature of bodily harm as well.”

Police detectives believe that after being released from jail, Raul drove from North Dakota where he was living all the way to Hurricane, arriving on April 27th outside the home where his children had been living.

The homeowner and another unidentified man where returning to the home when they discovered Raul in the driveway. Raul threatened to shoot the men and reached into his vehicle, groping for something.

The homeowner, probably concerned that Raul was doing just as he said he would, drew his pistol from a concealed holster and shot Raul.

According to law enforcement officials:

“Raul fell to the ground next to the driver side door of his vehicle. A black handled screwdriver was found laying on the ground next to where Raul was.”

Raul Rivera was charged by Washington County’s 5th District Court with two counts of aggravated assault (3rd degree felony,) threat of violence (class A misdemeanor,) drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia (class B misdemeanors.) There are no reports of any charges being filed against the homeowner.

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