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Defense In Winter, Safety All The Time!!!

Defense During The Winter Time = Safety All The Time!!!


As we come into the fall season, we must adjust once again to the way we dress and the way we think about our safety as well.  I am not a person who loves the winter time, I would much rather be on a beach somewhere chilling out and catching some sun…but since I don’t live in that Utopian world…I have to play the “Safety” game just like everyone else.

As we go into the summer season, we must be aware of carrying concealed while wearing T-shirts and shorts and such types of clothing.  I personally went and got some 5.11 tactical shirts to wear all summer, but will wear them all winter as well…they are simply amazing shirts and I plan on buying more as I go along.  BUT, winter is a time we all love to carry concealed, because we can conceal our “safety tools” much easier and without such a fear of printing or showing our hand…per se.

SO…here are some things to think about when carrying concealed in the winter time, or even for fall as well.

1.  Hard to draw your firearm – Having coats, jackets, long shirts, or sweaters can be great to conceal your firearm…but remember, it will take more time to draw your pistol as well.

2.  Imprinting still happens – While you feel fine concealing in the winter time, remember that when indoors, in public places, you can still “show” or “print” your firearm.  Its easy to bend over and have the grip stick out for others to see, so be careful and be aware of your body positions as well.

3.  Too much is too much – I have seen some people, during the great time of winter, wearing so much stuff, they couldn’t even turn and check their blind spot while driving. This is not what you are after while carrying your firearm.  When you get indoors, and it takes 5 minutes to get to a comfortable level of layers, you have certainly defeated your purpose of being safe and being aware of your surroundings.  Hindering yourself from being able to access your “emergency tool” is counter productive and should be avoided. 

4.  Getting the right gear – Now that the cold is upon us, there are lots of cool things to buy for keeping yourself warm.  I would recommend that you look for clothing that will help you in your pursuit to carry concealed.  There are plenty of brands out there, now a days, that are making stuff for you to carry concealed and do it with discretion and enabling you to keep up your habits of keeping warm, looking good and being who you are.  Do some searching online and find the stuff that will allow you to carry concealed in various places.  Coats and jackets are great for carrying in the chest area, behing the coat, on the side of the jacket/coat, or other places that won’t look like you’re carrying, and will be comfortable as well.  The technology is amazing and we should take advantage of it while we can.

That should be of some use to those of you who are new to the industry of carrying concealed for you safety and the safety of others…AND for you old dogs who have been doing it for years now…

Simple, Effecitive, Efficient is the name of the game… so be smart, be wise, keep it concealed and check you six often!

Damon Thueson

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