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Get Mad or Get Motivated, They Both Work!!!

After reading an amazing book by Aaron Cohen, Brotherhood of Warriors, it became even more apparent to me that, for the most part, we just don’t know what is happening around the world and the crazy and insane things that are going on.  Even with all the crime in the US I still believe we have it pretty nice here.  We don’t have bombs going off in every other cafe or bus station around the country.  We have certainly had some major attacks of the years, but the fact is, it is not a part of our everyday lives.  For the most part, we live everyday according to our jobs and families and desires.  There are plenty of problems all around the world in which we have not the foggiest idea about.  For the majority of what we get on the news, our main source of information, we know nothing!

So as I was pondering the lack of information given to us by our crappy media sources, about the world occurances, I recieved an email from a dear friend.  Sometimes the worst is not over seas, but right in our own back yard.  I am talking about the little “tyrany” cells that exist within our Universities and Colleges and such, that are hidden in plain view by calling themselves; Groups, Clubs, Non-profits Organizations and so on.  We the people of the United States are so dang adamant about free speech, that we are letting the “would be” terrorists have an opinion about our freedom founded country.  Groups that will start as a small seed, and with patriot filled hearts, tear down the structure of democracy and captialism.  These nut jobs actually think that they are right in their purposes.  They want to be slaves to others, and they want all of us to be slaves to their way of thinking.  I am certainly tired of it.  They are able to voice their opinions about freedom in the country that gives them freedom, and then bash the way of life they are living in the country that gives them such rights in the first place.  I don’t know about you…but that is just about as bass-ackwards as a person can get.

So what is my point here???  Let me tell you where I am going with this.  If the country we live in, is in such disarray and unrest, then it is only a matter of time before the structure falls apart.  When the bolts become loose and things start falling by the way side, don’t you think that your protection will also go by the way side, unless you do something about it?

Of course the police will not always be able to protect you as they would like.  The FBI ain’t gonna play “body guard” to everyone who yells loud enough.  The average police response time is over 10 minutes.  The response time in your area may be better than that…and I hope it is…but not even law enforcement is faster than a speeding bullet.  The simple fact is this:  The world is getting worse, the times are getting crazier, the result of such happenings can only be bad for many, if not all, of us.  I just found out that there is an “anti-capitalist” club, right in my own back yard….WHAT???  Yep, Utah has them as well…what to do…what to do??

I’ll tell you what to do.  Become addamant about training.  Become intense about learning.  Become involved in the gathering of information that will be influential in your overall protection.  Become more concerned about the safety of your family and others.  Become an advocate of awareness and alertness.  Become a veteran of the defensive mindset, continually training and practicing for the “what if” scenarios.  Become a avid reader of material to thus increase your sense of duty and accomplishment concerning self and family preservation.  Hold str0ng to the morals and values our forefathers cherished.  Be a doer not just an observer.  Stand up and be a voice for freedom, a flag of liberty, an example of justice.

No I am not recruiting for the military or anything like that.  I am just a bit tired of seeing the “worst” of human kind, get away with the future murder of the freedom they like to use to promote their secret and evil agendas.  We just need to stand up and not take it anymore!!!

We need to increase our understanding of safety and what we can do to ensure the safety of our families as well.  By keeping our “saws sharpened” we can save lives everyday.  A collective increase of awareness is the first step.  Take the Concealed Carry Course and get your eyes opened.  The concealed course is not “all about guns” but has a ton of information about laws and safety and the stuff we all need to pay more attention to.  Take further courses on furthering your skills and tactics.  Be alert to what can happen, then prepare for what may happen, at any given time or place.

I know that not everyone will take heed, but maybe at least one more of us will get the idea.  Everyone will have, if not already, an experience that will move them forward to change things and become more alert.  I had it happen to me as well.  It is what caused me to become an instructor and threw me head-long into this industry.  I have never looked back!  I encourage all of you to take a closer look and realize that just because we see it on the news…doesn’t mean it isn’t in our own back yards.  Just ask any rape victim, or family of an innocently murdered husband, wife or child.  It IS real, it IS happening everyday and it IS happening in your area as well.

Get aware, get trained, get more training, get real.  As I used to say to my old work associates, “Get mad or get motivated, they both work.”

Damon Thueson

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