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Keep Your Head Up…Its A Safety Thing, Not A Snobby Thing!

Keeping You Head Up Can Save Your Life!!!

I recently was reminded, when walking out of my office and onto the street, to keep my head up and alert of my surroundings.  As I walked out and stepped down onto the sidewalk, my vision to my right was blocked by a decorative tree.  Upon walking down some steps, a very large man approached me and startled me a bit.  It was as if he materialized out of thin air. His appearance and behavior struck me as odd, so I waited for him to walk passed, watched him with a keen eye, and allowed him to pass me by before I started off to my car. 
My lesson learned in this small incident was to always keep my head up and be alert of my surroundings. Especially when I am walking around outside of my workplace.
I see too many people out and about where I work messing with their phones texting and checking their phones.  All the while, they are distracted and appear to be unaware of who or what is around them. (I’m betting money they are pretty much completely unaware of their surroundings)
The other small lesson I took away from this experience was to watch people when my gut tells me to.  The man who surprised me was acting in an unusual way, so I proceeded to watch where his hands were, how he carried himself, and looked for any other signals that would have caused me to go back into the office or simply go the other way.  If I had not paid attention once he approached me, he definitely would have had the upper hand if the encounter went south.  Sometimes its the little things in which nothing happens, that can protect you from the things that could happen!
So just to recap;  keep your head up, pay attention to your surroundings, and put your phone away.
Stay safe!
Joe Kruessel
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