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Leaving Work Late At Night…

As a loving husband, I am very concerned when my wife has to work late.  When she leaves work, say around 2 am, the distance from the building to her car is not, what I call, a safe zone.

Since the economy isn’t what is should be, there are situations that arise in which we need to be more aware and take notes for our safety.  Or, if there is a “disgrunted” employee who just happens to exclaim, when leaving the premisis, “If I had a gun, I’d go Columbine on their &)#$(“.  What would you do?  How would you feel as a spouse who is concerned about your family?

There are many things to consider when contemplating safety.  Should I carry a gun?  Should I get mace?  Should I quit and put the family in a financial bind?  What should, or even more important, what can I do?

There are many things you can do, but I must say, training for them is a must.  You won’t be able to be a pro tomorrow, but starting something NOW is worth everything, and everything could be your life, or the life of your most treasured spouse.

Being prepared, or having a plan the minute you walk out the door is an absolute.  You have to be alert and aware, FIRST, before anything you do.  When you come out is there a car parked by yours that you do not recognize?  How many cars are in the parking lot and are the number of cars out there the same as the number of employees still at work?  Is there anyone lurking around the corners of the building?  Does the company you work for have security cameras there?  Can you call the police for an escort?

One thing my wife and I do is let eachother know when we are going to be home.  Keeping tabs for safety is not the same as being controling, its about safety right?  If there is anything wrong, or out of the ordinary?  My wife calls when she is going to be late, and I make sure I call her and let her know as well.  Its about respect, it’s just what we do!

I have actually called the police to do a drive by and check the parking lot of the place where my wife works.  It was late and I was worried when I didn’t get a call to let me know of the changes to her schedule.  Out to pie with the girls was fun, but it sure got me worried a bunch.  Interestingly enough, the police seemed to think that an affair was the reason why she didn’t call, but I knew otherwise.  She was getting home very late, and knew I would be asleep, so calling would only wake me up, and being a loving wife, she didn’t want to wake me.  I sometimes work long hours as well, so sleep is a rarity.  I love the fact that she was thinking of my well being, but I would rather have a phone call and be awakened, than loose a wife for my children.

Everything worked out that night, but we learned a lesson that we can draw from when the “scary times” come a knocking.   One of the big things about that situation is that the cell phone was left in the car and the battery was dead anyway.  The fact that a cell phone can be an amazingly convenient way to avoid danger is not an issue.  Its been proven too many times.  Cell phones are an essential for the crazy times we live in today.  For emergencies or for work, cell phones have changed the face of our society.  Use them for your protection, its worth a few bucks each month…isn’t it!

So touching on the “plan” thing again.  Having a preconcieved plan of action is a must.  We’ll visit more possible plans in future posts, but just being aware that you need one, or that you or your spouse is, or will be, in a potentially dangerous sitation is the first step.

Being conscious is the first step.  Doing your research as an introduction to a plan is the second step.  Creating a plan of action for just such situations is the third step.  Practicing the plan, furthering the research, furthering the practice, is the fourth step.  Just like adding oil to your car, or vacuuming your house once a week, if not more, is just the same thing as having a functioning plan for dangerous and life threatening situations.  Do it, you won’t regret your efforts.

Perry Bronson

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