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The End of the Warrior…No Courage Left in the American Male.

Bravery and Courage…Where Did They Go???

Recent events have caused me to reconsider what is happening to the bravery and courage American men have been noted for since our country was founded.  Where are the men who stand up for what they believe in, even if it costs them their lives and livelihood?  Where did this notion come from that we must give in to evil and lie back and take it? 

What set me off was reading a blog from the founder of Front Sight referring to his disgust at the lack of response during the take-over and hostage situation, then attempted murder of a group of Florida school board members.  A number of healthy, apparently strong American men cowered under tables and begged for their lives.  The first person to respond was a woman who attacked the gun-wielder with her purse, and then a security chief who had to run to his car to get his weapon and body armor due to a rule that prohibited carry in that type of meeting.  He fired at the hostage taker, who after being wounded… took his own life.  I had seen some video in media coverage of the incident as well.  Why did these men not fight back?  Where is the courage to do something in the face of evil? 

 Another example is the mass killing at Virginia Tech a few years ago.  Strong young men, hiding under desks while the killer calmly walked back and forth along the rows and shot them as they tried to hide.  Why did they not fight back as the heroes on Flight 93 did on September 11, 2001?  A teacher did fight back and allowed a number so students to escape out a window.  That courageous life was lost, but that person knew evil when faced by it, having survived the Nazi Terror in World War II.

Somehow it has become politically correct to be a victim and not protect one’s self.  The glaring truth is, self-defense is the most basic and universal human right.  You ARE worth protecting.  I encounter, on a regular basis, people who place more value on the life of an animal than a human.  Before you get all bunny-hugger on me, I believe that all life should be respected and dealt with humanely.  Our stewardship over this world includes how we treat lesser beings in the animal kingdom.  I believe we will be judged according to our actions and therefore we should act accordingly.  However, if it is my cat’s life or my child’s life, the child will come first.  Human life has value.  Somewhere this basic truth has been morphed into an ugly idea that we can’t protect ourselves, or others.  This becomes evident in some of the laws that exist, disallowing self-defense, particularly with a firearm.

 I’ve stated before and repeat again, GUN FREE ZONES KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE.  The criminal element does NOT obey signs and policies and good people die.  Virginia Tech had a no carry on campus policy and 32 people died.  At Salt Lake City, Utah’s Trolley Square had “no weapons allowed” signs up (though there is no law to support this signage)…five more died.  In a side note to this event, not widely known, is that Salt Lake PD off-duty officers fled the scene as they were then prohibited by policy from off-duty carry!  Another agency’s off-duty officer engaged the attacker and prevented further deaths until the culprit was confronted by SLPD officers responding to the frantic 911 phone calls.  It took them TWICE as long to arrive as was reported by local media.  Why did the officers run away?  Because they had no means of protection and were getting their family members away from the threat. 

As Courts have ruled from the local level to the U.S. Supreme court, police DO NOT have to respond to protect individual citizens.  There were Utah Concealed Firearm Permit holders at Trolley Square.  The permit holders being present, was not reported by local media. They were prepared had the shooter got to where they were barricaded in an upstairs business.  Here is the element that was missing in Florida: people prepared and ready to defend if needed. 

The mind-set of winning and prevailing, not just surviving, has been discussed in many forums.  It is taught in classes, at seminars, dissected in articles and papers, written about in books and hashed out in panel discussions.  In some circumstances, a person may be faced with a religious dilemma, in that their beliefs prohibit the taking of life in self-defense.  They may have some other moral concerns that also would cause them to not want to defend themselves.  While good people, they have never faced the dark forces that exist and to borrow from Dave Grossman, live in denial that bad things can’t even happen.  Thus, we have a person who, while meaning well and is a “good guy” has chosen a life-style of being a victim.  Sometimes it is not a conscious choice.  They don’t think they look like food to the predatory criminal, but they are due to their choices.  Some have been, sadly, caught up in the criminal behavior of the predator and do not survive.  Others do survive and have the epiphany of their intrinsic worth, and take steps to protect themselves.  The choice is made to take charge of their personal safety since they are the only ones who are responsible for it. 

To repeat, you ARE worth protecting and this is the most basic right you have.  How dare that person take you from your loved ones or try to harm the innocent! Develop the righteous indignation that drives you to do what is brave and right: defend yourself and yours!

My hope is that these wanderings awaken your mind to the reality in this crazy world we live in.  Do not hide in the face of evil or cower when the wolf comes-a-calling.  The current buzz-phrase is “Man Up.”  I loved it when a conservative woman used that phrase appropriately to challenge her liberal male counterpart recently.  Yes, there are “strong women” as well and they can serve as examples to the sissy-metro-sexual males that have appeared in recent times.  Man up, men!  Be who you are meant to be and take control of your situation and surroundings.  Develop the warrior mentality needed to face down evil when it raises its ugly head.  Be aware, practice, prepare, train, then pray you never need it.  Many stand watchful and ready to respond if called upon.  Seek to become one of these watchful warriors.  Work to change what needs changing.  Preserve that which is most precious: human life.

Steve Beckstead


2 Responses to The End of the Warrior…No Courage Left in the American Male.

  1. spitfireatme January 10, 2011 at 11:11 am #

    Modern Liberalism has definitely taught us young men to be cowardly and “nonviolent”. I even regard myself and friends as being moderately macho and am only now realizing how we’ve been subconsciously taught not to take the offensive (in the pursuit of justice only, of course!). I remember a “manly man” I lift with said something like, “If a shooter came to our school I’d try to tackle him and get the gun” and recall how we both subconsiously recognized that “that’s not what we’re supposed to do” – according to liberal values we’ve been taught, of course.

  2. ViceChaplain June 27, 2011 at 6:23 am #

    I’m certainly not here to argue that “carry free zones” create any measure of safety. My thought is that the video of the school board hostage situation was not very closely watched. Did any of those men really have a good chance to disarm the gunman? Is it better to get up and try to close the distance on a man who has a gun in his hand or is it better to bide your time and wait for either PD or your chance to act?

    The head of the board tried to talk the man down. Not having a good chance to act or a firearm to defend himself with, that may have been his best chance at survival. “I’m the one that signed the paper, right? … Let them go. I’m the one who did it.” Those are words of a man who can look himself in the mirror the next day and not feel shame.

    There must also be wisdom in courage. That woman brave enough to swing a purse at a gunman was more likely to cause him to accidentally discharge than disarm him. Courage without wisdom is indistinguishable from foolishness.

    Aside from that, what about our fighting men and women, are they not brave? Our firefighters? Our police officers? And as there EVER been a generation where men did not question the virtue of those who would follow them?

    This article seems more to be for the purpose of expressing political frustration than an honest assessment of a claim. Teach your children well, and know you’re not the first man concerned about “kids today.”

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