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Drunk, Knife-Wielding Home Invader Gets Sobering Wake Up Call

Riverton Utah Shooting

A Riverton homeowner was stunned to see a man invading his home on the night of June 19th. Beyond the initial shock of seeing a stranger attempt to barge into his property, there was something extra weird about this. The fact that the knife-wielding man had no pants on.

The pantsless man was 36-year-old Derrick Palmer, who had just left a friend’s house when he decided to start stripping in the middle of the street.

But Then Strange Turned to Dangerous

The homeowner first figured out something strange was going on at this point due to his teenage children calling him about the strange man on their street. The son and daughter were just getting home and were about to pull into the garage, but due to seeing the man half-naked by their house, they decided to take another swing around the block while phoning their dad.

After speaking to their dad, he decided to make sure no funny business would occur and grabbed his handgun in order to meet his two kids as they pulled into the house.

As the children pulled around a second time, they garnered the attention of Palmer and their parents. The kids’ father opened up their garage door from inside his house, all the time watching to make sure everything was alright.

As the door opened and the children pulled in, Palmer, who had now started putting his clothes back on, began walking towards the home. At this point, the homeowner decided to take action.

Palmer began moving on the man’s property, following his children. At that point, the homeowner took matters into his own hands and pinned Palmer to the ground. But even though he had been pinned, Palmer kept fighting.

After a few minutes, the homeowner got off of Palmer and was about to head into the house, locking the drunk Palmer out. However, Palmer picked himself up and went into the man’s garage.

At this point, the homeowner brandished his handgun and pointed it at Palmer. Palmer was not convinced that the gun was loaded and decided to do some posturing of his own, pulling out a knife. A painful mistake.

As the homeowner saw the knife be pulled on him, he fired two shots into Palmer’s jaw and chest.

Palmer was now lying bleeding on the homeowner’s floor as his wife called the police. As cops showed up, they saw Palmer on the ground and a man with a gun standing over him. The police were not fully aware of the situation yet, so the homeowner was momentarily placed in handcuffs. The police then realized that they had made a mistake as they were handcuffing him, due to the fact that Palmer stirred on the ground and began to grab for the gun.

Police stopped Palmer in time, but Palmer decided to get up and make a run for the house. After he made it to the front lawn, the now twice shot man received a taser for his efforts.

After this intense and immensely strange ordeal was over, the homeowner was uncuffed and was allowed back into his home and Palmer was at the hospital, where he still remains in serious condition after the shooting.

So all in all, the story ended as best as it could. It would have been better if there were no home invasion attempt, obviously. However, Palmer survived the ordeal, nobody else was hurt, and despite the scare the homeowner’s brief arrest scare, he got to spend the night at home, though he may soon be looking for a good gun attorney.

What do you think of this strange tale? What’s the strangest incident that you’ve been a part of in which you’ve had to draw your gun? Let us know your story in the comments below to see if it matches what occurred here in Riverton.

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