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West Valley City Man Cleared of Charges After Shooting Man who Stabbed Him

West Valley City Utah Shooting

Back in March, West Valley City saw an unusual heinous crime take place. It’s randomness and level of violence certainly put a twinge of worry in the citizens of the town, but thankfully the victim of this attack was a gun owner and was able to defend himself.

The incident occurred back on the 23rd of March and saw 23-year-old David Vea, fresh from purchasing alcohol at a Holiday Oil, at 4391 W. 3500 South walk up to another man at a nearby Redbox kiosk, seemingly looking to start some trouble.

According to police reports, following Vea leaving the store and walking up to the man at the kiosk, whose name has not been released for his own safety, Vea began to swear at the man. Following a short verbal spat, Vea took things far too far, pulling out a pocket knife and proceeding to stab the man at the Redbox three times in the neck with the pocket knife.

Now this kind of attack could put someone down for good, but the other man in this story managed to escape from Vea’s assault and get to his car in order to grab his firearm.

The man then fired at Vea who, according to police “fell to the ground and dropped the knife, then got up and continued to run,”.

Officers then arrived on the scene and after a brief search found Vea and took him to jail. It was later discovered that Vea had a prior violent felony on his record from his time in Oregon.

And as for the defensive shooter? He was found to have done his actions in self-defense following police investigation so the only one seeing time behind bars is David Vea.

What do you all think of this story? Do you think our shooter could have avoided the injuries sustained from his assault if he had his gun on him at the time and didn’t have to go back to his vehicle to retrieve it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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