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Does House Bill 76 Say I Won’t Need A Permit?

We are getting a lot of questions from students about the need to obtain a permit concerning the possible changes to Utah Law as referenced by House Bill 76. While this bill has not been signed into law at this point, many are wondering what possible impact it may have.

House Bill 76 allows any person 21+ who can legally own and possess a firearm to carry an unloaded gun (per Utah Code) concealed on their person without a permit. Often referred to as “Constitutional Carry” this new law would in many ways remove the need to obtain a permit in order to carry a firearm in most circumstances.
HOWEVER, we still urge all firearm owners to pursue and obtain a state concealed weapon permit. Here are a few reasons why:
  • While this new law would remove the need to have a permit while in “public” it does not extend itself to places such as schools or other protected areas where persons with a concealed weapon permit can currently carry.
  • The purpose of taking a concealed carry class is not just to pay a tax in order to carry a weapon concealed. It is really about a commitment to education and training. This is a lifelong journey and for many people that begins with a basic concealed carry class.
  • If this law passes you may not need a permit to carry concealed in Utah “Public” areas but you will still need it to carry outside of Utah. Currently over 30 states honor the Utah permit. With your Utah permit you will be able to continue carrying your concealed weapon in 30+ states when you travel.
  • The Utah permit waives the cost of the state required background check when purchasing a firearm. Over time the permit really pays for itself.
  • If this law passes you will still not be able to carry a fully loaded weapon. The time it takes to chamber your weapon may be too long to defend yourself.

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One Response to Does House Bill 76 Say I Won’t Need A Permit?

  1. Rodney Crandall March 18, 2013 at 11:39 pm #

    I don’t think this is such a good idea, as an unloaded firearm is just two actions away from being able to fire. Which in turn gives the ability for persons without proper training to cause major damage, if people want to carry then I believe they should take the concealed carry course, its a small price to pay for proper training on laws and such!

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