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FBI Stats Report Less Crime Despite More Guns

According to the recently released Crime in the United States Report major crime rates have declined significantly from 2010 to 2011. This could really alarm may gun control activists considering the massive increase in purchases of firearms and number of people with concealed weapons permits during the same period.

Two of the states with the highest murder levels, California and New York, also have the most restrictive gun laws which essentially deny residents of those states to carry concealed weapons to protect themselves.

People on both sides of the fence will try to spin this to prove or disprove cause and effect. I suspect that there are many issues at play here beyond just an increase of firearms in the hands of educated citizens but I would argue that it does play its part in decreasing crime.

Whatever people may choose to believe we can all sleep a little better knowing that crime rates around the country continue to decline year after year.

Remember to encourage education and responsibility. Together we can protect our loved ones and dispel myths of gun ownership.

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