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It would seem that KSL feels that they play a part of the “ease of access” to firearms in Utah and they are no longer comfortable playing that role. Today they sent out an email to everyone who has listings in the firearm section of their classifieds with the announcement. Below is the full text of that email:


Dear KSL Classifieds customer,

Like everyone else in the country, the management of KSL is profoundly saddened by the tragedy in Connecticut. In the wake of this and other similar incidents, important questions have been raised about the ease of access to guns. These questions deserve time for careful consideration and we are confident that an appropriate resolution will be found. Accordingly, KSL has temporarily suspended firearms listings on classifieds. We recognize that this may inconvenience responsible citizens who have used this service, but we feel this is an important step while these broader societal issues are examined.

You have received this message because you currently have at least one listing in the affected categories – as part of this decision your listing has been suspended. If you have paid to feature your listings please reach out to your respective account executive to work through refunds for the remaining days in the month.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we evaluate our options.

We value your insight, please send feedback to

Thank you.

KSL Classifieds Team

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One Response to Removes Firearms from Classifieds

  1. Paul M December 27, 2012 at 10:31 pm #

    KSL has long since stopped representing the values of the communities they serve. They have become increasingly liberal over the years, something that has saddened me because I grew up turning to KSL as a trusted news source.

    This latest move by KSL is beyond hypocrisy. As a media outlet they depend on the Constitution of the United States to guarantee their freedom of speech and freedom of the press. And yet, they behave as if the Constitution was a buffet where they can pick and choose. KSL if you dont stand for the rights of others who will stand for you when you are told what you can and cannot print, when your editors are arrested and jailed for speaking their minds?

    I have ceased using KSL in every way possible. I dont listen to their radio station, dont use their website, don’t watch their television channel, I even removed their apps from my android device. Advertisers pay attention….the advertising dollars you spend on KSL are about to become much less effective as others take the same steps we have. And please, when you cancel your advertising on KSL, be sure to let them know why.

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