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Utah: Where Your CCW Isn’t Valid

One of the most common questions asked about CCW in the state of Utah is where you can and cannot legally carry a concealed firearm. Since your CCW permit does not grant you permission to carry anywhere you choose, there are some key places to avoid if you have your gun on you. According to […]

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Damon Thueson Instructor

Fee’s for the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Increase

The first of the year saw an increase in the application fees for Concealed Carriers in Utah. According to the site, the finger print-based background check processing fee that the FBI charges has increased the overall cost of the CFP (Concealed Firearms Permit)  from its original cost of $46.00 for residents and $51.00 for […]

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How Are Gun Laws Passed?

I know it seems a little like a 5th grade review but on occasion I do get questions about the process in getting new bills into law. The process is the same for most states like Utah as it is at the federal level since our state constitution is so similar to the national one. […]

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