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Utah Concealed Carry Numbers on the Rise

Utah Concealed Carry Permit

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Statistics were announced for the number of Utahns who had their concealed carry permit, recently, and that number is steadily growing.

As of June 30, 662,720 citizens of the state have picked up their concealed carry permit. That number is up 8.3 percent over 2015 and a staggering 74.3 percent from 2011. Terrorism, mass shootings, fear of local crime and political battles over gun control have been attributed as the main causes of the gain in popularity of concealed carry in the state.

Jason Chapman, a BCI (Bureau of Criminal Identifcation) firearms supervisor said that the number of concealed carry applicants has risen immensely in the recent years. “Back in 2008 and 2009, we had about 44,000 applications. Now we get double, sometimes triple that.”

While Robert Wadman, a professor of criminal justice at Weber State University, said it’s easy to explain the popularity of the concealed carry permits.

“There is a high amount of fear,” he said. “In this environment right now, with multiple shootings and terrorism and increased media attention, it increases the level of fear in the hearts of a lot of people, and so it helps the gun companies sell more guns.”

Utah’s concealed-carry permits are popular not only with residents, but also with gun owners from other states. Who gather up the Utah permit because thirty-six other states recognize it, and it is fairly cheap to get at $49 (residents pay $39). These permits are good for five years; and renewals cost $15. 

So it appears that with easier access to concealed carry permits and a climate of questionable safety in the world today, it appears that the number of these permits will continue to grow in the years to come.


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