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Amtrack Allows Firearms Transport…

Finally some elbow room…but still not enough!

In an announcement to mainstream media, Amtrack says firearms may now be transported in checked baggage.  Date of implementation is December 15 of 2010. Though many thought it was allowed earlier, apparently it was not so.  With the official announcement, train passengers join their flying counterparts in being able to transport their personally owned firearms from place to place on the chosen mode of conveyance.  It must be checked at the counter as with aircraft, in a hard-sided and locked container in locked luggage.  The only difference is Amtrack must be notified 24 hours prior to departure!  This is one of those “Come again??” moments. Who knows why this was included as it adds additional inconvenience to those riding Amtrack trains.  As always, check in advance of travel, preferably getting a hard copy of the policy so you do not make a serious mistake.

Steve Beckstead

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