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“Exercise” your right to carry concealed…

Keeping In Shape Will Only Help You While You Carry Concealed!

During this holiday season, yes we are in December now, I can only control my urges to eat everything is sight for so long.  This is not a good thing, but it does move me to write on a topic in which I have a strong opinion, yet not so strong a will power!

As many of you know, who have read past posts, I am darn passionate about safety, concealed carry, personal defense, etc.  One thing that I have to mention is the fact that there are many great people in this industry who have so much knowledge and experience, that they are willing to share, it simply amazes me.  However, one thing I have also seen in this industry is the fact that there just isn’t enough focus on the physical aspect of being prepared, practiced and trained.  What do I mean by that exactly?  Well I’ll tell you!

Having been nothing but an athlete my younger life and loving every minute of it, I understand the need for physical fitness and how it plays such an important role in our health and wellness.  I cannot do nearly as much as I use-to-could (yes I was born in TX) and my limits are much shorter in many aspects of life.  I will admit that I am overweight as well, the 30 to 50 pounds I am working on all the time.  My diet plays a big part, because I love to enjoy the bountious joys of great food.  Like I said…I was born in Texas!

As I train, read, learn, ask questions and post articles, I can only get more motivated to lose this excess hinderence and get “tuned-up” for this great industry and what it stands for.  I appreciate all of the folks that help me to learn more and be better all the time.  I enjoy the friends, mentors and students that encourage me to keep teaching, writing and mentoring as well.  Nothing like that great feeling of helping someone become defense minded, more aware and take their own safety into their own hands!  Yep… nothing like it!

So what am I getting at here?  In a nutshell…there are many of us who are great at what we do, we work hard at being great and improving continually, but there is still that one thing that bugs me all day long. (myself included)  We are just too big for our own good!  Like I said, I have about 30 to 50 pounds that I just don’t need.  I know that while I carry my “emergency tool” I can hit well with it, I can use it as it should be used, but at the same time, the extra belly tire does get in the way and I just hate it.

I can teach my students about trigger control, sight alignment, proper grip, proper cleaning, gun laws, awareness, which books to read, how to strengthen your muscles in order to shoot more effectively…but I can’t put down the cheeseburger???  What have I become?

I am not here to beat up on anyone, I just think that if we, as an industry, can be so specific on who we shoot, why we shoot, and what we shoot, then we should be equally passionate about the ability to perform to a level in which such developed skills would be necessary.  Does that make sense?  I am in fear that this post will get me some sore comments, but at the same time, I am pointing the finger at myself as well.  I tend to manage the “spare tire” well, but at the same time, I can certainly see a difference in my ability to manuever from time to time.

Being in shape does not mean that we all need to look like the Incredible Hulk. It does not mean that we need to be down to 140 lbs and be ripped so when we are at the pool, we actually turn heads in a good way.  We just need to be more careful with what we are not focusing on much of the time.  Being the best at what we do is important, but that doesn’t mean we let other aspects go unattended.  Balance is the key to being healthy and being healthy is the key to being truly more aware of what is happening around us and then performing when required.  How can we be alert, when are stomachs are talking to us about the bad choice we had for lunch?  I know, I do it all the time and I regret it all the time as well.

Just like anything in life, we should learn to do things in moderation.  What I think this can also mean, is that we should be well rounded. Now…don’t take that pun the wrong way.  I have learned from my own experiences that the more I learn about all aspects of firearms, the better I am with the one I am holding at the moment.  The history, function, machanics, purposes, and so on, all contribute to my overall knowledge about the “safety” industry.  Personal protection is an important, vital part of our world.  So maybe we should be a more balanced industry by learning how to be experts in other industries that can have a direct impact on us as a whole.

So lets look at the summary here.

We, as an industry, are concerned for our safety, the safety of our loved ones and yes, the safety of others as well.  So, if we decide to “pack heat” then we must accept the responsibility that goes along with that…most people I know do that very well. The problem is that we then must define the actual “responsibility” in which we are accepting.  What would we think if the laws mandated we only tip the scales at a certain weight if we want to carry concealed?  Could you imagine the crap we would put up in such a situation.  However, if we ever have to use the “emergency tool” we so eagerly carry, can we do so with efficiency, effecitiveness and physical ability?  Training is the key, I agree with that 100%.  It would seem to me that part of that training should also include certain areas of discipline that can only do us more good in a bad situation. I am not talking to everyone who carries concealed. I know plenty of folks who are thin and well…sometimes I hate them for it…(just kidding)  But in all actuality, my good health is in my hands.  I can be great at hitting targets all day long, but what if I need to help someone out of a building due to a killer inside…could I do it?  Could I do it and still function as a good shot when/if I needed to?  That is a good question isn’t it?  Well, if I have more to manage on my belly than needed, I may find myself dying in that “life or death” situation…simply because I can’t put the cheeseburger down when I need to!

Damon Thueson

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