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Trauma In the Morning…

It Couldn’t Happen To Me…But It DID!

While pondering the importance of concealed carry and the actual traumatizing experiences that one can go through in the commission of a heightened situation, I must tell you of a fantastic meeting I had a few weeks ago.

During one of my regular CCW classes, I was talking about the books and other resources I recommend to my students to continue their much needed training and education in the field of guns and concealed carry, when one of my students (we’ll just call him Bob) decided to make a comment.  Feeling this was something important to him and wondering what the source of his emotion was, it soon became apparent that this gentleman was recounting a firsthand experience.

With Bob’s permission and guidance, and with a duty to help others in the industry better understand what “concealed carry” is all about, I am writing this small message to all of you.

It was in the morning and while still saying goodbye to his girlfriend, he was approached by a total stranger that, little did he know, would change his life forever.

Standing in the empty parking stall next to his car, Bob and his girl friend chatted after a warm breakfast.  The stranger approached and while the day was just beginning, this could have been Bob’s last morning ever.  Standing way too close and simply uttering the words, “I’m sorry” the stranger then produced a pair of scissors and began stabbing Bob multiple times with the intent to extinguish his life.  Luckily there was an out of state Police Officer, here conducting some training in Utah, walking by who noticed the scuffle and upon seeing the deadly weapon, drew his sidearm and identified himself.  Hearing the officer, the assailant looked up, disregarded the warning and decided to continue with his evil deed.  The officer discharged his gun, stopping the attack.  Wounded and laying on the ground, this crazed man was held at bay until the local law enforcement arrived and took control of the situation.

Bob lived and has been through more than anyone I know would ever want to go through with one situation.  While he was recounting his story and allowing us to ask questions, I was in awe at how well adjusted Bob was as he continued.  I sat in quiet respect as he showed us his stab wounds and scars of that dreadful day.  What an experience we all had during that crisp, cold, morning class a few weeks ago.

This attack was totally random, the kind we see on TV but think…that could never happen to me, it’s just a TV program.  Bob didn’t know the assailant, and that guy certainly didn’t know Bob either.  Who would have guessed or even predicted that on a nice morning while enjoying a great time with a loved one… something like this could happen?

I must give a ton of credit to Bob because he has now taken the CCW course and is taking his safety into his own hands.  Way to go Bob, you are the exact reason why EVERYONE should be taking the course.  The fact that after everything has died down and you are moving on with your life and taking the steps needed to better insure your well being no matter where you are, is a breath of fresh air for those of us who are seriously concerned for ourselves, our families and others too.

Whether you want to carry some of the time, all of the time, or not at all, the CCW course is a great starting place to learn more about what can really happen, to ANYONE, at ANYTIME.  The trauma experienced by Bob and others who have experienced similar situations is what we all need to pay more attention to.  The books I have mentioned in my CCW classes will help anyone better understand what people like Bob have experienced.  There is a reason why I mention these resources, that reason became very real and very necessary after hearing Bob’s story.

There are many questions that one may have about such situations, some of them could be:

1.  What do I do after an experience where drawing and using a firearm is necessary?

2.  How do I call in the incident to the police?

3.  Is it important to tell the police the whole story, or just summarize until I get a lawyer there?

4.  Why is my body shaking and why do I want to throw up?

5.  Am I justified in shooting at all, or to what extent should I consider using my gun?

6.  Are the police going to arrest me or the criminal who attacked me?

7.  How do I let the police know I am the victim and not the criminal?

8.  How is the adrenaline going to affect my attitude and behavior?

9. What could I have done better to protect myself?

10. Why me? And how did I get into this situation in the first place?

11. What is going to happen now?

12. Am I going to jail for murder? Is it really my fault?

Here are just a dozen questions one might ask about safety and being in a bad situation.  These questions are just some of the things that the books and resources I promote in my class can answer.  I mention them for a reason, and Bob is the perfect example of that reason.

The point is that nobody ever knows when, why, or what is going to happen in any given day, hour, or minute.  Now that doesn’t mean we don’t control our own lives, of course we do for the most part.  Bob’s story is not a new one; there are over 2.5 million situations every year in which normal citizens like you and me, have to use firearms for protection.  Those are the ones we know about, but how many of such stories do you hear on the news?  Probably almost none of them, so that is just one more example of why each of us has to protect ourselves and be prepared as much as possible.   This does not mean we need to be paranoid…like most democrats paint the picture, but simply getting the appropriate training, equipment, tools and attitude necessary to defensively protect ourselves, our families and others as well.  In my class when I say, “As serious as a heart attack, folks, buy and read these books” I mean exactly that.  If spending a few bucks on some books worth the information it provides to save your life?  Of course it’s worth it… that is why I bought them myself, and that is why I give them to you.

Learn this lesson from Bob’s experience and refuse to be a victim.

Damon Thueson

Utah Certified CFP Instructor

NRA Certified Instructo

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