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Nevada No Longer Honoring The Arizona Permit

las vegas nevadaSince Nevada is close to the State of Utah it is of course a popular travel destination. For years people in Utah and everywhere else in the country have been working to figure out the easiest way to legally carry a concealed weapon in Nevada. There was a short period of time a few years ago in which Nevada chose to honor the Utah permit directly but that didn’t last long.

The more recent loophole was for people to apply for a non-resident Arizona permit which was being honored by Nevada. Now, Nevada has removed Arizona as well, from its list of honored state permits. Nevada essentially has shown that they will honor permits from states who require similar training standards in order to obtain the permit.

Non-residents of Nevada can still apply for the Nevada permit but they must take a certified training course inside of the state of Nevada and apply in person at any Nevada sheriff office.

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